Well, like every other Halo fan I have the War Games pass.
Each time a new pack was released I was there to try it out.
Over the year I’ve played a lot but took a short break from Halo 4.
Now that I’ve come back I want to finish the achievements for the Castle Map pack, but I can’t seem to find a game with any of those maps offered.

In fact all the games I’ve played recently have been on the original H4 maps, and I’m irritated because I paid for a pass that was supposed to have given me access to extra content and it isn’t even being offered.

Please offer a bigger, consistent variety. Where’s Skyline, Harvest, etc? I can’t even remember the names for the Castle maps, because I barely played them before my break…
I’m getting really tired of playing on Complex, Haven, and Dispatch every single game and I want a chance to get my achievements.

Check out this page for details on where the DLC maps appear:

Also, they said they will rotate the DLC playlists so the Castle DLC playlist should be available again in the future.

Thanks for the link, but I’ve been playing CTF for two full days and haven’t seen even half of those maps up for vote. Hence my forum post.

It’s literally been Dispatch, Exile, Ragnarok, Abandon and Complex all the time. All of those aren’t DLC maps.

My suggestions was that they start including them and pairing everyone with the WG pass together so we could experience them again, not having to wait a month until they decide to rotate.

I’d like the DLC available at all times, not just when they feel like it!

OK, sorry, I must have missed that suggestion - it’s a good idea but I remember reading somewhere that the Matchmaking search does prioritise people who have the same DLC as you, it just doesn’t make it a necessity to keep search times at acceptable levels.

I guess the problem comes back to the population levels for different playlists and the number of people who have actually bought the DLC.