Halo 4 maps forged in reach

Hey I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the halo 4 maps forged in reach. I know of 2 wraparound and warhouse I have played both and I like wraparound a lot more.

My feedback for wraparound is that if you play free for all there needs to be more spawns but other wise I enjoyed it.

So post a comment if you want to play these maps with me and my friends sometime and if you have feedback on these maps.

I have two versions of wraparound and love it, the Warhouse one was badly forged (no detail at all), keep in mind these are probably inaccurate but if they are accurate I love both maps (the setup of the Warhouse map works well, it just looks like crap because tehy didn’t take time to detail it)

yeah I agree warhouse is badly forged but what do you mean that you have 2 wraparounds I have only seen one?

links or it didn’t happen!

Well if I could post links I would, I’ll put my favorite version on my fileshare (My gamertag is Kyler the Ninja) Also I found I well-forged version of warhouse with a terribly forged mech so I fixed the mech and It’s a fun map to play, I’ll put that on my fileshare as well

> links or it didn’t happen!

You really go their lolol, the file share system is offline my friend you will have to look it up on Reach.

alright kyler the ninja all check your fileshare.

Anyone who has these maps send them to my fileshare!