Halo 4 Map Reviews


Abandon - Best map so far, very dynamic with the added benefit of having sufficient cover
4.5 Stars

Adrift - Very limited lines of sight, terribly campy objective map, but when players do decide to move our their respective bases, it’s not a bad map overall.
3.5 Stars

Complex - Has some spawn killing issues, needs more cover to the Blue side
4 Stars

Haven - Arena style maps were more popular back when MLG was bigger, this map tends to be a bit “trade-y” since strafe has been nerfed from the previous Halo games
3.5 Stars

Impact - Never seen in MM, but still an excellent Arena style map with sufficient cover to compensate for the reduced strafing capabilities in this game.
4.5 Stars

Solace - This map plays a bit like Sandbox from H3, but without the vehicles of course.
4 Stars

<mark>BTB Maps</mark>

Exile - Blue team wins 70% of the time
1 Star

Longbow - There is actually very little incentive to use about 1/3 of the bottom of this map. Would be nice if a wraith or rockethog was added to the shoreside lower dominion base.
4 Stars

Meltdown - Way too many tunnels and routes around the map for even an organized team to effectively control, tends to play out like a random shootout. Most of the pathways also tend to be quite cramped resulting in not very interesting battles.
2 Stars

Valhalla - Plays like the H3 Valhalla with reduced map movement due to the longer range DMR. The reduced map movement can result in some stale game plays.
3.5 Stars

Ravine - Never seen in MM. Very good map for those who liked BSB in H3 nevertheless.
4 Stars

Vortex - Terrible sight lines around the map, resulting in only about 1/2 of the map being used. You are either very exposed or overly protected by your environment, resulting in a very cramped 8v8 map.
2.5 Stars

Wreckage - Stupidly designed map. There are pockets of cover that leave your flank entirely exposed around the map, and nothing in between. The middle of the map is a grenade + boltshot fest.
3 Stars

Harvest - Again, vehicles are utterly useless on this map as if warthogs are not already deathtraps. The middle of the map plays somewhat decently as it’s saving grace.
4 Stars

Shatter - Another stupidly designed map. You are essentially playing 3 separate 4v4s as there is no way to traverse the middle through walls. But, 4v4s are good.
4 Stars


> Abandon=horrible

Abandon is trash, and adrift is the best map IMHO!

Complex is by far, the worst map in the game, I’d go as far as to say the worst in the franchise.

Constantly open sightlines, the roof of the middle building allows you to see the entire map, and if you have a DMR, rack up kills fast. Poor map flow, the other building on the far side of the map (near energy sword) is for the most part ignored, it’s just a crap map that only segments the map into unnecessary sections. Majority of the fighting happens in and around the middle building, only time it doesn’t is when people respawn and you shoot them from afar.

Just wanted to say that I completely disagree with your anaylsis of Complex, it’s atrociously terrible. Harvest, Wreckage or Shatter are miles better.