Halo 4 Map Packs Account Locked

I can’t believe that what I learned today was true. I had heard of Halo 4 armor skins and such being locked to the profile that purchases them but that made sense sine they are avatar content for the most part. Shockingly, I learned today that map packs are also account locked. This means that:

  1. I can’t play custom games offline on DLC maps with the account that purchased the DLC.
  2. My brother can’t play the DLC maps on my xbox unless my account is also logged in online.
  3. If I ever lose access to my profile, I will have lost all of my purchased DLC content.

I talked with Xbox support for 2 hours and they confirmed all of the above. This is beyond ridiculous and is a money-hungry scheme if I’ve ever heard one. If the goal was to piss off your customers, mission accomplished 343. I’ll put it this way, if Halo 5 DLC is structured the same way, you will have just lost a customer for both the game and the DLC.

All Halo 5 DLC will be free. But there is no local multiplayer.