Halo 4 Map Pack?

Hey forgers, I was thinking on how much they could of fixed forge/improved for example, instead of having actual land and sea for ravine it would be cool to have just NOTHING just to build in air, the amount of budget you’d actually have quite a lot more budget, because I’ve never actually built something on land :stuck_out_tongue: on impact… aswell as that if their was no land a cool way to point out barriers would be 1 line grids like sandbox ‘halo 3 ODST multiplayer maps’ surrounding you, Would you guys be willing to buy a map pack with forge world,and impact and ravine with no actual ground but only the one you build?? Even if they ever make a map pack for forge they should add precision forging :P. -Mrcody12349

I wouldn’t buy it for 800MSP as there really wouldn’t be a designed map to play on and just an empty space.

I would rather have a map with some more useful forge pieces. and maybe a covenant setting.