Halo 4 Map/Gametype play-testers needed!

I’m looking for about 15 people, ideally, to join me so I may tweak maps and gametypes to their best settings and styles.

You MUST have the crimson map pack, however.

I expect feedback about the gametypes and maps. If I hear positive feedback, nothing needs fixing. if I hear negative feedback, that’s what I’m looking for, so that I can fix it!

Feedback means more than just “This map/gametype sucks”. I want to hear WHY it sucks, what do you think will make it better?

I am online NOW, so if you want to lend a helping hand, shimmy on over to your xbox and add GUNGNIR 122 to your friends list.

The first map/gametype I will be testing out is Firefight on Shatter.

(BEAUTIFUL MAPS, 343i! You deserve a hand/milk-shake!)