Halo 4 Make's Me Depressed

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I’m not here making this to bash 343 or Halo 4 for no reason .

I love Halo , I was always sticking up for it when talking to my mates and I never used to bash Halo 3 or 2 . I got annoyed but most of the time it was because I wasn’t playing great, Yes there were a awful lot of problems with Halo 2 and some with Halo 3 but they were liveable with for me . But playing Halo 4 just makes me depressed . Not for the fact I suck ,I stil go positive and and I’m not just talking about the MM I’m talking about everything.

I used to look forward to Halo back in the day after school . I always disliked school , But knowing when I got back I could go on Halo 2/3 made me feel better and was something to look forward too . I never had enough money to scrape together a Season Pass for My Favourite Football (Soccer) team so Halo was one of only my 2 favourite things . I’m a massive fan of Halo , I own all the books , a few figures and Halo Legends . (FuD is Not Available Within The UK Yet )

I’ll wont go into why I get depressed playing this game . I’m not just talking about Depressed as it being underwhelming or a disappointment I do generally get depressed when thinking of how good Halo used to be . I cant even be bothered to go into the countless things I find annoying and wrong in this game . Things like small campaign levels , Lack of a csr and Loadouts/Ordnance have all been gone over a thousand + times .

I find myself playing this next to no time at all now . I dont look forward to playing Halo liked I used to as I hardly ever play it . FIFA has become my main game now.

Are you enjoying this game I guess is my overall question , or are you like me left bored and not liking Halo 4?

You hit the nail right on the head with this post… this is EXACTLY what i have been feeling/thinking. I feel the ranking system needs to be implemented and I will be happy:) ps. no boltshot either.

If games are making you feel depressed, I think you should devote a little bit of your time to some other activities. The way I see it now, FPS shooters are gradually becoming more generic and tbh, I personally believe there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Gaming companies implement anything that is popular with the newer generations of gamers, which is unfortunately CoD-like qualities. Not to mention, the entertainment industry has been falling every year due to the failing economy which just makes it even harder for people to find the time or money to play new video games.