Halo 4- Majestic Map pack and Halo's future

Just finished creating my first youtube video. It evaluates the new majestic map pack and where halo is going ( in my opinion).

You can find the video here : Halo 4- Thoughts on Majestic Map Pack and Where Halo is Going

Please leave any comments or ‘constructive’ criticism here on the forums or on the video itself.

Skyfall lol.
I agree though, Majestic is a step in the right direction, hopefully the last DLC pack delivers aswell.

The thing about the Majestic maps is that they have static weapon spawns for the most part. I know for a fact rockets will be up every two minutes on Monolith. It reminds me of how Halo should be.

Nice video man. I agree that these maps, the throwdown playlist, and the timed weapon spawns are a step in the right direction.