Halo 4 Main Menu Music

Halo 4 Main Menu Music

I like it :smiley:
Reminds me of H3

I actually like it. It’s nice and soft and slow but yet at the same time epic sounding.

The only thing I don’t like is there isn’t an addictive melody like the original.

Wow, that is actually very peaceful (Until To Galaxy kicks in XD)

EDIT: Huh, so that’s why it may be called “To Galaxy”

Ill be uploading a different one in just a sec :stuck_out_tongue:


i thought single player and multiplayer where on seperate discs why are they from the looks of your vid on the same disc?

Love it, very calm

Awesome! love it


Liar, I Played Halo 4 at an event and I saw that for the MM.

Love the music.

Love it, 343 did a fantastic job.
I also hate to be the one to say it but wouldn’t this be considered a leak?

I love it :'D

but what up with this one?

i dont like it. reminds me of a tom clancy game… :confused:

anyone know if the one on this thread is campaign on disk 1?
and the tom clancy sounding stuff is disk 2?

thats what im thinking anyways

I love how you lot love the music, yet im the one astonished by the transition to selecting the infinity mode :wink:

It looks so much like Halo 3, man I can’t wait for this game!

Indeed, I do prefer the lovely music and singing before it goes into infinity mode. Infinity music is good but not as nice as the first part imo.

I could listen to that one all day.


So very tempted to click the link and have a listen, but i’m not gonna.

Gonna control myself and wait until i get the game on the 6th so i can listen to it in its full glory through my tritton headset.

I bet it sounds magic though, can’t wait. :slight_smile:

You Know what m… I don’t actually like it that much . Reach’s overture was the only music I really liked . Although I do like to galaxy in Infinity so I’ll probably be there most of the time . I remember first time playing Halo 3 I was expecting the H2 theme to play . Lol