Halo 4 Magnum, Love or Hate

do ya hate it, love it or just meh

Might as well shoot butter now.

It looks like it operates pretty well, and it looks nice. Just waiting to see how it actually feels in-game.

Have to play the game first before i can say its good or bad

idk looks a lot better than reach’s though. So that means progress.

Needs a larger magazine, or more damage.

Waiting to actually get to use it, til then I’ll reserve judgement. But it’s definitely not my biggest interest out of the weapons in Halo 4 by far.

It somehow looks too undetailed compares to Reach’s one and sounds weird.

It lacks and strength and even sounds like it. So I don’t like it. It looks fine though. Don’t know why they added psuedo bloom to the weapons though it looks dumb

Seems to be a usefull backup weapon to have short range.

I’m not too sure why they nerfed the Magnum, seeing as it’s now weaker than both the BR and DMR. That means that most players will use the Plasma Pistol as their secondary, unless it got nerfed too.

The Magnum needs to be made more powerful - either make it fire faster than the BR and DMR (since the BR is already 3-round burst, I don’t see this happening), give it a larger magazine, or make it do the same damage.

It doesn’t seem to be effective as a go-to weapon. But it seems to act like a gun whcih you use when your clip on your primary is dry. So…it’s a sidearm.

I like the looks of it, but the sound… the sound makes me want to rip myself open. It sounds like shoom shoom shoom insteaf of bang bang -Yoink!- bang

They should increase the clip size to 12.

As long as it has a scope, I’m fine.

It should be able to kill in five shots at close range.

I love the Magnum. I personally think it’s perfectly balanced if it’s going to be a 6 shot headshot kill. Perfect for a fast combat pistol.

Eh, not much interested in it. 6SK, 8 shot clip and bloom make it look underpowered. I doubt I will use it much.