Halo 4 made me a CoD player.

I’ve played CoD from time to time, but always went to Halo for matchmaking, even Reach didn’t push me away from it with hopes that 343i seen it as a mistake.

But after they’ve implemented so many things from CoD to Halo in the upcoming game, I figured… Why not just play CoD?

I’ve been a long time Halo fan, since CE, and I will still most likely purchase a used copy of Halo 4 for the campaign, but the multiplayer seems shot.

CoD BO2 will be my shooter this year. For I know what to expect, and I won’t be disappointed. Can’t say the same for Halo anymore.

RIP Halo multiplayer.

Now I shall wait for the flaming because I expressed my opinion.

OT, CoD made me a CoD player.

This is gonna be good…

You haven’t played Halo 4 yet, wait till it comes out to tell us this.

Okay? And we care why?

Okay, thats good, you can join all the other complainers and put your RIP Halo gravestone with theirs. You will end up buying, and you will end up liking it.

Plip Plop.

While some things from COD have been implemented into Halo 4, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still Halo. COD is an FPS that has a campaign and multi player with duel wielding and vehicles, that doesn’t make it Halo does it?

Enjoy your new game then.