Halo 4 machinima?

Hey guys, just looking around for some people who are interested in joining a Machinima I’m planning on making. I need multiple people for this (obviously)

I need:

  • Someone who can record
  • Someone who can create music (copyright etc)
  • Voice Actors!
  • Someone who can assist me with writing the basic story
  • Someone to help write scripts
  • Body actors (Can also do the voices for their character(s) )

I’m available on most days from 4 - 11pm GMT on weekdays and most of the weekend.
Add me on Xbox Live or comment on here if you’re interested.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey man I have a machinima going on I have characters and I just need people to vote on my post so I can figure out what I will be doing so if u wanna work with me I can do I will get recording stuff for Christmas so I can’t do till then

I can voice act and compose/score.

I am an amateur audio engineer looking to build my portfolio. :slight_smile:

Nice check out my last forum topic it has all the info on my machinima thanks

I’m interested in voice acting and assisting with the script

Hey I can help make story lines/plots, the scripts(but I’m not that good, but I like to try to get some practice), and body acting. Send a TEXT through either of the following:

XBOX LIVE: SepiaAnt8071

My Gmail: micahodst@gmail.com

Hope to hear a reply from you soon.

I Could give Body acting and Voice acting a try!

I Could give Body acting and Voice acting a try!

Um when are we going to work on this?

Hey guys I am currently working on a Machinima for Halo 4 called Threshold. I have most recording finished but am just looking for some voice actors who have the appropriate equipment to record good quality voices. I will probably have the first episode finished Friday Dec. 7, but wont be posted till voices are done. We currently need around 2-3 actors for a young character named Jackson, a more gritty sniper named Marcus and eventually will have maybe 3-4 more open spots for later EP. If you would like to contact me E-mail me at regretstudioproductions@hotmail.com.
-Thanks guys!