WARNING NOTICE: I am searching for dedicated voice actors ONLY! If you are not serious about machinima, turn back now. If you audition you may request a minor or major role.

If a major role is selected, you will be asked to voice act for all 16 Episodes with many lines in each. This series may go on for over a year. If you are not able to commit to a year DO NOT AUDITION FOR A MAJOR ROLE!

Machinima: New Harmony (Halo 4 Machinima)

Directed by: Luke Samuelson

Produced by: Turbulation Productions

About New Harmony: In the post war era of Halo 3, the abandoned planet New Harmony releases an unnatural heat signature. Normally, this would be dismissed without a second thought, but when further investigation is commenced, the UNSC discover an active jammer. This stirs mixed emotion since New Harmony is uncomfortable close to earth, thus capable of an attack with little to no effort. So, the UNSC decide to send in Team Saber (Saber Team are OCESs = ONI Combat Efficient Scientist)

Saber Team will be sent to New Harmony to document and investigate the unnatural heat signature. Unfortunately they
will be sent without any contact or help from the UNSC, due to the jammer. Evac will be sent to Monistir, New Harmony 7 days after the Operation is begun.

As Saber embarks on their journey throughout New Harmony, they are confronted by a frightening mystery, that threatens the lives of billions. But further into their journey, a second discover makes the first, the least of their problems.

Note: This machinima will be illustrated through 16 Episodes. About 15 minutes per episode.

I will need a total of 30 Voice Actors and 100 Body Actors, so there’s room for many.

Audition the lines below, then send them to turbulationproductions@live.com. Make sure they are rendered as wav. or mp3. or I will be unable to view them. Be sure to include your role preference; minor or major. Keep in mind, major role actors will be required to voice act for all 16 episodes, this may last up to a year.

Note: Try all Characters, this way I know what you sound like and may ask you to play a different character that matches your voice tone.


Eli: (Male)(Age: 30’s) Sounds like: A Commander, similar to Carter from Halo Reach. He is a nice guy and tries to avoid conflict.

Lines: “It is highly unlikely that a ‘shadow’ is here or was spotted. But me and Bella both DID see the same thing. But whoever it is- or whatever it is, has not harmed us nor has it posed any threats. Therefore it dose NOT jeopardize our mission nor is it a primary concern. Correct?” (Mood: Rational, thinking logically, calm)

Lines: “Why is it Bella, that whenever your given orders from me, you follow; no questions asked. But with anyone else, it’s physically painful?” (Starting to get annoyed)

Lines: “This is ONI Operative Eli James, of Saber Team. Does anyone read? Over.”

Lines: “Is this it then? No one else made it?” (Sad, tearing up)

Bella: (Female)(Age: 30’s) Sounds like: Cortana form Halo. She is very smart and intelligent. Talks fast. Tactical. Asks questions.

Lines: “Absolutely not. I know what I saw. And for god sake, I’m a medic. I am aware of the symptoms.” (Confident in her answer; some what sassy)

Lines: “Safety precautions? Really? Whatever ‘Dangers’ are on New Harmony I’m sure me and Eli can handle them just fine.” (Sassy)

Lines: “We have been walking for twelve hours, how are they not tired?” (Exhausted; shocked)

Lines: “Because I trust you Eli, but after what happened to Wayne, I barely trust anyone, especially NOT Spartans.” (Sympathetic; traumatizing past experiences)

Ace: (Male)(Age: 30’s) Sounds like: A commander. Talks Slowly and in a mellow tone. Talks intelligently.

Lines:“So, let me get this straight. A ‘shadow’, on a near impossible to reach cliff, just happened to drop a magnum. Out of the blue?” (Sarcastic; not believing Bella’s story)

Lines: “That’s right, Harmony has been vacant for more than two decades. I just find your siting somewhat…in probable.” (Stating the facts; Rational)

Lines: “Actually, traveling in wet and darkened conditions is considered hazardous for a number of reasons; including reduced visibility, impaired judgment, increased lightning strikes on moving metal objects, and of course more vulnerable to an attack by perhaps Shadows. Not to mention rest and sleep are essential for all NATURAL human beings. Oh and I almost forgot, you have indeed proven yourself incapable of keeping up with the same pace as Gage and I. But, if your stubborn attitude acquires putting this entire squad into a dangerous envirment, as well as out ranking a Commanding officer, so be it, PRIVET.”

Lines: “Correct. I’m Ace, this is Gage.”

Gage: (Male)(Age: 30’s) Sounds like: A smart -Yoink-. Cracks jokes. Short tempered. British. Masculine.

Lines: “Ain’t use tu this much walkin, eh Saber?” (Joking; layied back)

Lines: “A shadow eh? You been taking your meds Bella?” (Sarcastic; joking; not believing Bella’s story)

Lines: “I don’t know Bella, a shadow? don’t it just seem a little…far-fetched?” (Sympathetic; nice; feels bad but doesn’t believe her)

Lines: “Wait, I thought New Harmony was abandoned, never to be found by the…Shadows?” (Confused)

Deadline: Auditions close November 6th, 2012!

More Information:

Website: turbulationproductions.webs.com
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/TURBULATION

Read more: http://voiceacting.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=machinima&action=display&thread=22959#ixzz1xUrcg5DX

i’ll audition but i can i be a body actor please because then you’ll have me for sure.

me to

Yes, go to this link and follow the steps: http://turbulationproductions.webs.com/bodyactingsignup.htm

Id like to be a body actor