Halo 4 Machinima Voice actors auditions!


When 4 soldiers get a new Recruit there world is turned upside down before he arrived all they did was stand around and talk (because they were stranded at there base)but now there on a mission to save the galaxy, find out why command has left them to die with no supplies, on a quest for revenge with some road bumps of comedy along the way in this action, adventure, comedy, drama

•Sargent Brock (Season 1 Protagonist): A man who can’t tolerate Moron’s that well who is on a mission to save the galaxy against his arch enemy
•Captain Rob: Leader of all the soldiers at outpost 47 he hates liam likes Brock and Simon he gets angry easily
•Corporal Liam: a lazy slacker whos always hungry but a good fighter
•Private Simon: The Nerd of the team who also has medical training and gardening skills
•Private Kancles (spelt Cancles in series):he is the new guy whos kinda dumb (caboose type character)
•Jarry:a mantis robot who obeys Cancles
•Eddie: An old friend of Brocks
RECCURING CHARACTERS•Bane (Season 1 Main Antagonist): Former friend of Brock left for dead because of him hes part cyborg part human and on a quest for revenge for leaving him for dead
•Dark Lance (supporting Antagonist): former nerd turned into fulltime assassin also Banes assistant


•Good quality microphone
•Cant be a squeaker
•Able to edit your own voice
•Able to send wav or mp3 files

•Message my gamer tag: CANCLES
•email me at: cancleproductions@gmail.com
•Skype me at: Jamie,wicks
•Comment on this post

I will send you an audition script on the computer once you notify me in one of the ways above I hope you all would like to be apart of this series!