Halo 4 machinima body actors needed

If you are interested in being a body actor for a serious theme-oriented machinima, my friend and I are looking for body actors that will be available at the scene filming times that I will specify soon in this thread. I was partially inspired by the story of the Halo Legends short, The Prototype, and the events of the machinima are heavily influenced by this short film. The plot for the machinima is as follows.

The story is very similar to The Prototype because it is about a grizzled UNSC Marine officer who is serving during the UNSC-Insurrectionist War (before the Human-Covenant war) who severely lacks empathy or the slightest emotional connection to the platoon he leads. When his entire platoon is killed in action (with him trying and failing to save them), the machinima flashes forwards to years after the firefight and a city on a UNSC colony under siege by Insurrectionist forces. The UNSC Marines are outnumbered by the Innies, and the Innies are closing in on the Marines as they’re retreating and civilians are being evacuated. When the marines are close to being decimated by the Insurrectionist soldiers, the officer from the platoon comes to the frontline with a prototype heavy weapons suit (the Mantis) that his unit was originally tasked with destroying. This against his unit’s orders, but he decides to use to the suit to hold off the Insurrectionists and buy the marines and refugees time to escape. Eventually after fighting off wave after wave of Insurrectionists, the suit can’t take any more of a beating after the Insurrectionists attack with tanks and heavy weapons. The officer then self destructs the suit and takes down the majority of the attacking forces with the resulting explosion. Finally, member of UNSC high command officially commends the “MIA” officer for his ultimate sacrifice to save the lives he did, and events continue on in the Halo storyline.

Please reply in the thread AND message me at my gamertag “Ichter” if you’re interested in filling a body acting role for one of the scenes we need filmed. I will post the needed and available roles to be filled by actors and how many spots are left in each role (ex. UNSC Marine, Insurrectionist soldier, etc) soon.

Thanks and I hope you consider being a part of this awesome machinima!

Consider me in in on this! I have always wanted to be part of something like this, Expect a message in 24 hours and I will be ready to help.

If this is still on, consider me in as well.