Halo 4 (long read)

This is my opinion I’m not saying it is right or wrong but you are entitled to your own.

So Halo 4 is extremely fun. That’s good. This is what every game should be. Most of the guns feel right. The maps all look great. The campaign was very entertaining. Probably the best campaign yet I think. Overall it has more good things than bad. But because the bad things are specific there is seemingly going to be more of them.

Halo 4 might be fun but it still has a few problems I think. Well maybe not problems maybe just things I do not agree with. Campaign I have only one problem with. It seemed very short but then again everything seems to go by faster in 4 player Co-op. Now to the multiplayer. So the maps do look great and they are mostly fun to play on. But there are almost no weapons on the map except the initial power weapon spawns and the mid game weapon spawns along with continuous grenades. The only playlist that I’ve seen spawn DMR,BR,ETC is Dominion. Now I understand why they wouldn’t spawn because of loadouts but I do not understand why they would only spawn in the Dominion playlist if any.

The fact that you don’t unscope when shot defenitely increases the pace of the game I feel. You and your opponent are both being shot so you have place your shots more accurately and fight it out. This while a good thing is also the reason the DMR is probably the best weapon in the game or at least the best loadout weapon.

The Boltshot reminds me very much of the mauler. I know it has two functions but I have hardly seen it be used for anything other than its shotgun function. I personally don’t choose it but I feel it’s a little too powerful for a starting secondary.

I feel the Carbine and the Thruster Pack are very underpowered in Multiplayer. Both very fun to use but very weak and I feel they aren’t nearly as useful as the other weapons/armor abilities.

The things listed above really aren’t that big of a problem compared to the matchmaking itself. I am all for a ranked/social system. I know I’m not the only one to say this or feel this way but I’d rather state my own opinion and feelings that let others do it for me. But the way the matches seem to go are you either win by a long shot or you had no chance of winning at all. This kind of kills the team slayer playlists for me knowing unless I have a full team of decent players I can expect to never know what to expect out of the other team.

I understand there is going to be a ranking system in January or so I’ve seen but I feel that it really should have been put in the game in the beginning. I don’t feel the game is a “beta” as so many others are saying but I do feel you should at least wait until you’ve put everything you want into something before you let others have a taste of it. If someone could link to me where it was said there would be ranks in January I would highly appreciate that.