(Halo 4) Lone Wolf Legend Glitched

I just finished Halo 4’s campaign on Legendary to finish off all the legendary campaigns. I did the first two missions in a group of 4 and was later disconnected from my friends during the mission Requiem. I finished the mission and it said I completed it solo, so I thought ‘Alright won’t have to do that again.’

I started the campaign over for my solo run and made it to Requiem. I skipped the mission because it was already marked as the solo being completed. I went on to do the rest of the campaign and finish it. I unlocked all the achievements for completing the campaigns and Halo 4’s in general. I noticed that I did not unlock Lone Wolf Legend, and decided to see if it was stuck at " Done! Unlocking…" Instead it says I’m only 62% complete with it. I only did 2 missions fully co-op, and I went through those missions again when I did my solo run. Could me skipping Requiem cause this? The game says I completed it solo legendary after everyone lagged out and into their own game.

Has anyone else ran into this problem? I know achievements are still goofy for the most part, but I feel like when I complete Requiem I still won’t get it and it’ll increase in % by only a tad bit. I really don’t want to run through the campaign again just to find which missions it didn’t register. Though they all say completed in Solo Legendary.

yup, i did all missions on legendary solo but it did not unlock still at 87% meaning i had one more mission and i did all the missions over again to find out that my xbox somehow thought i did infinity co-op.

Thanks for the info, just looked at my timing and scoring leader boards. Looks like it thought I did Infinity, Reclaimer and ShutDown as co-ops. I’ll go through them again later to see if it unlocks.

Infinity is glitched i think i have figured out what happend with that lvl
but not sure how to fix it.
I ran it multiple times but it doesnt add to the solo campaign when i finished the lvl again
i looked at the postgame carnage and it gave me all the co-op scores of me and my friends when i obviously
played alone so I think the game somehow tricks himself in the post game screen that you completed it in co-op
nothing we can do about it 343 needs to fix this