Halo 4 Loadout Customization

Currently in Halo Reach we have the ability to customize loadouts by pre-chosen names and weaponry. Now I believe Halo 4 should take loadout customization a bit further by allowing us to choose the armor permutations, armor color, player traits, weapon damage, so on and so-forth. Allowing us to create new infection game-types and custom games that are really exciting. We would be able to have multiple classes of zombies and players.
Whether you want to remake left 4 dead’s tank and common infected. Different classes with visual distinctions for your game-types. Different armors and color combos can help machinima makers utilized the armor built in-game but haven’t unlocked fully yet and since its a custom game nobody has to worry about armor permutations that they worked hard for.

-player traits and armor customization for loadouts
-Custom names for loadouts because its only custom games don’t have to worry about profanity

Just my suggestions for what can be added to make people actually play custom games again unlike Reach which ruined them from credits.