Hello guys,

I am having the worst time trying to resolve an issue where I have redeemed my Halo 4 Limited Collectors Edition codes online via the Xbox Live webpage, but the content isn’t showing up on my account or when I play Halo 4. I have contacted Microsoft quite a few times now and they have been pretty useless other than to confirm "the codes had been successfully redeem on your account."Now they have passed the book onto you guys, the game developers. I hope you guys can help me out because I have already wasted enough money just using Xbox Live GOLD codes that I wanted to use to play the game, even when I said I’d rather not use them until I get my DLC. They wouldn’t help me unless I used them.

They were asking me to download “Infinity Actual Kit” and then they would refund me, but that doesn’t exist on the Xbox Marketplace as far as I can see.

Please, please, please help me out.

Kind Regards,