Halo 4 Limitied Edition Armor and AR Skins

The limited Edition is said to have an exclusive armor skin and assult rifle skin.
Does any one know what either one of them is or have a picture of it or they haven’t been revieled?

Im getting tired of these posts that insinuate something being shown, getting me all excited but then it’s somebody asking if it’s been announced.
If you are asking a question, put the question mark in the title.

Srry Dude I will next time, but Im pretty sure that the armor skin is one that hasn’t been seen before it would be pretty stuid if it was one of the other ones.

Weapon skins?! Where is this game going…

> Weapon skins?! Where is this game going…


Yeah there is also a preorder bonus from like EB games in canda which has an artic battle rifle skin. I think armor and weapon skins will replace armor effects with out a down like, if you had flaming helmet your head is like visible to snipers from a mile away. With skins you get to be different from ppl even if they have the same armor as you. Though when you to like infinity slayer you wouldn’t have a skin because you have the same primary and secondary colors. IDK about the camo skins though maybe they will work in team matchmaking.