halo 4 limited edition specializations help!!

i have a question also i have the limited edition halo 4 and they said that there is first day specializations that i would get and i put in all the codes that was in the halo 4 limited edition box but still no access to the specializations someone please help

when you put the code in it give you access to them but you still need to reach level 50 to unlock them

i put in the code that said specializations skins map pk is that it?

yeah, thats the one :slight_smile:

On the card that comes with the code for the specializations, there’s an asterisk saying “Specializations can be used, one at a time, starting at Level 50…”

So, you have to get to SR-50 first.

ok thanks alot at level 50 den i dont know why they would say at drop

possibly a last minute change, from what ive heard they add a few little extras for certain playing styles