Halo 4 Limited Edition Pre Order?

So I’ve been searching online for the limited edition, and yes I know, I should have done this months ago, but I was financially strapped and didn’t have the extra cash to spend. I’ve saved up now, though, and have been looking everywhere online, but I can’t seem to find any that are available. Have they sold out completely? :frowning:

If you do know where I could pre order one, would you please link it to me in this thread or through a PM? Will more be available if they are sold out? Any info is very much appreciated! I’m pretty desperate to get it at this moment :frowning: Thanks.

Looking for US version, just fyi.


Play.com still has them!

> Rakuten
> Play.com still has them!

Do you have any link from any USA store that ships them?

> Rakuten
> Play.com still has them!

Thanks, but I’m looking for the US version :frowning:

i was having the same problem but i got lucky about 2 weeks ago and pre-ordered it via walmart. i cant think of any other places to pre-order it besides gamestop/EBgames,bestbuy,amazon,walmart,microsoft store. this place seems to have it http://www.shopto.net/xbox360/XB2HA35-halo-4-limited-collectors-edition-inc-exclusive-assassin-armor-emblem

Holy -Yoink-, GameStop is sold out!

Try Target.

My brother just did his through walmart the other day, that may have to be your last resort.

All you needed was 25$ to pre-order.

Heh, I had mine preordered the day after it was announced.

Walmart is sold out of limited edition pre-orders.