Halo 4 Limited Edition Pre-Order Out Of Stock

Is 343I going to manufacture more Halo 4 limited editions for pre-order. It’s truely not fare for them not to, because when guys like me save up there money for over 5 months to finally get the money needed to find out that the game is out of stock, because some guys allready bought 10.

How come you didnt pre order it ages ago? You dont need to pay full price most of the time.

I know a great place where you can order halo 4 LE from U.K! PM me

@Annihilator27 I know that know, I wish i would have known that “ages ago.”

Limited Edition is Limited? Well, color me surprised.

OP, I’m sorry, but if the Limited Edition is out of stock, guess what, as limited supply of limited Editions, they are not going to make more limit editions. And even if the limited editions in the path of the hurricane are destroyed, they’ll only create the exact number that was lost for the people who lost those Limited Editions.

You’re SOL, and unless you are lucky and find a retailer that has one left, I don’t think you’re going to find one.

Also, in the future, as soon as they announce the limited edition, preorder it, don’t wait, and if you’re going to have second thoughts, don’t cancel your preorder until the very last minute, or you’ll be screwed like those who canceled their preorders because the limited edition didn’t come with two helmets, and now it does they can’t preorder it.