Halo 4 Limited Edition Map Pass issue

Long story short:

I activated my map pass and accessories code that came with the limited edition game upon
Halo 4’s release date and can’t download the 3 map packs that were (supposedly) rendered free upon the code’s activation.
(I searched for the map packs via the in-game marketplace pop-up.)

How can I fix this?

Also, I can’t even find the map packs on the Marketplace now.

If you indeed redeemed the codes, you will find the ability to redownload them in your “Recently Downloaded”.

If you cannot find the DLC in the Recently Downloaded, then you did not input the code as it automatically begins to download when you confirm the purchase via the Xbox, and it automatically begins to download the moment you log into XBL if you redeemed the codes through xbox.com.

BUT also, because the LE season pass code encompasses the first 3 map packs, you do not want to try and buy those individually.
The tab you are looking for in the Marketplace is will be labelled “War Games Season Pass” and should have a check-mark on it if you redeemed the code.

I got it to work about 2 weeks ago, but then the next time I went on it gave an error concerning the map packs.
I can assure you that I did buy the Limited Edition and activated the code the second I got the game in.

And the War Games Season Pass still shows up as costing 29,95 (or something like that)

The LE came with something called the “Infinity Actual Kit.” It functions the same as the War Games Map Pass, but includes a few extras, if I understand correctly. If you have the LE, you need to download the Infinity Actual Kit, not the War Games Map Pass.

2 things left to try are to:

  1. Check Halo4’s memory storage for data that should be there, or is corrupt.
    A yellow explanation mark will definitely indicate corrupt data. Delete and redownload if it is corrupt.

  2. Clear your system cache and recheck your Previously Purchased games.

Any and all DLC you have officially purchased will show up in the PP-DLC menu.