Halo 4 Limited Edition Help

I have the limited edition of halo 4 and I entered the skins, map packs, specialization code, and I didn’t get the other 6 specializations that I was supposed to get. I only have the 2 default ones in the drop down in-game. I was also wondering how I will receive my map packs. Thanks

the map packs will be downloadable as they come out.

Okay, but why aren’t the unreleased specializations in the specializations men?

In the Specialization Menu you should see all 8 Specializations, 2 are standard that everyone gets and the other 6 come with LE, these are all locked and are not available until you reach SR50, then you choose one of those eight.

If you dont see the extra 6 then server issues might be the problem, I on several occasions noticed the specializations missing from my menu despite being there previously.

Okay thanks, if it is a server error how can I fix it?

A Moderator from 343industries.org sent me here to try to find a 343 worker to help me with my pre order problem… i preordered halo 4 Limited Edition and i didnt recieve any DLC for the game what so ever i need someone to help me ASAP because i dont really know where to go to talk to anyone. please help?