Halo 4 Limited Edition Controller Delayed?

I checked gamestops website last night said october 9th (today) went to gamestop after work and the guy says oh that comes out october 23rd
-.-. Wtf? If the us gamestop is selling it october 23rd, i don’t understand why it didn’t say so before it comes out. This is a joke seriously, does anyone here think thats just ridiculous for those who were planning to buy it today? … now gamestop.com says the controller comes out the 18th wtf is this so stupid they cant get it right

I’ve heard from other people that it was delayed until the 18th.

There is a bulletin on Wednesday, I guess we’ll find out for certain then.

I hope so cuz i pre ordered it and well u could say im just alittle bumped out i mean i wouldve been ok if gamestop.com said 18 or 23rd i just cant believe the fact that they told me itd be out today and then today the guy didnt bother saying it got delayed, worst part was i looked at the sign countdown it saddened me :frowning:

Yeah I’m honestly a bit upset about this too. I was on gamestops website last night too, it said itd be out oct 9th.

Don’t u think they could’ve gave us more of a heads up…? Would’ve saved me the trip to GameStop, yes I could’ve called ahead but I was in a rush and needed a new headset anyways.

I reserved my controller though because the guy seemed a bit iffy on how many they would be getting, it sometimes depends on how many preorders they have. So if ur planning on getting this next Tuesday I’d recommend reserving one.

Can’t wait for the blue lights! :stuck_out_tongue: and the joysticks I am a big fan of the new(er) designed joysticks that don’t come with the standard controller.
This is my current one, the blue chrome is similar to this one too.


Oh and does anyone know if the controller comes with any bonuses? I kinda remember hearing it came with an avatar prop or somethin

Yea it does it comes with a halo 4 avatar prop shirt, gamestop.com shows what comes with it and i agree they should’ve given ppl a heads up on that i thought that was bad service to be honest if its really coming out the 23 rd it should say so on their website or 18 and not delay it again that would be bs if they say oh welll it got delayed til nov 6. Could u imagine how many ppl would be pissed off by that id lose my mind, im so sick of the waiting ya know

i pre-ordered it from amazon and they told me that it’s out of stock and that they are currently looking for one to send me. then i hear it was delayed until the 23rd then i hear it’s coming out on the 18th. but according to amazon they are still trying to find one to send me. so who the heck is right?

So I had the controller pre-ordered from gamestop, it was originally suppose to of released today, however when I went to pick it up, the gamestop employee informed me that last night they had recieved an email(he didnt say from who) saying the release date of http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-360/accessories/xbox-360-halo-4-limited-edition-wireless-controller/103362
had been delayed until the 18th, and told me I should of recieved any email notifying me of this, this morning, however I recieved no such email and was given no explaination why it was delayed. I’ve since looked at other websites from other retailers, and theres several release dates now. A few retailers say the 18th, others say the 10th, while others say it was released today. Ive also found sellers on ebay that were taking preorders and shipping theirs out today.

I cant find ANY information on the forums or on google or bing saying it was delayed/why it was delayed. Could anyone give any information about this? Cuz yeah, need some clarification. I just wanna know wtf is going on

Hard to say, im still trying to figure out what the right day is :confused: it’d be better if it wasn’t so dang confusing

I went to gamestop today and the guy said told me it comes out october 23rd but their website says the 18th, i would also like to know just wtf is happening with the release being delayed and what the actual day is its bs they cant just be freaking accurate about it. im surprised ppl are selling it on ebay when its not even at the game store yet thats weird

wow thats odd. wtf is going on? is it just gamestop or what?

I have no idea but in the past i remember gamestop sometimes saying crap like when a game was gonna come out the day it was scheduled theyd say oh it got delayed or its not coming out today just like the halo 4 le controller. Hell kinda off topic but last week i called gamestop on friday cuz warfighters beta wasnt up til 3 30 afternoon and the guy says i thought it was starting next month stupid isnt it lol i swear this stupidity from game stop these days and not changing the release dates on their websites is limited if u ask me

Agreed but I was under the impression it was getting released at the same time at all retailers, but all the retailers have different dates now =(

Im kinda dissapointed lately at gamestop and other retailers i thought it was just gamestop but tht bs from amazon too i dont like the fact that theyre too lazy too just change the release dates the day before cuz their just wasting everyones time who wanted to just buy a cool controller

Come on I know other people pre-ordered it. If you did or didn’t get your controller today, please post. Perhaps we can figure out whats going on on our own since 343/microsoft/the retailers wont tell us. Lets see if its just gamestop that didnt get theirs, and see if anyone can find a post from somebody ‘official’ with information on the delay

It’s not just GameStop. Looks like the controller itself is just delayed but I have no idea why. I really don’t think anyone does. Sorry. :frowning:

How do you know its not just gamestop? Did you preorder from another retailer?

yah dude i called gamestop today as well, he said the same thing about the email. i think he told me the 19th or 23rd (cant remember) i was planning to get it today too. that thing looks sweet!

> How do you know its not just gamestop? Did you preorder from another retailer?

Because no one has gotten the controller yet which leads me to believe it’s a widespread issue. Amazon preorders haven’t shipped yet either.

Looking to hear from somebody he preorder from some place other than gamestop and was told of a delay/new release date just to confirm what we’re assuming( that it got delayed for everybody).