Halo 4 legendary solo.

Can anyone please give some tips on how to beat the Campaign solo legendary?

Forerunner is hard enough, and I know the other levels are going to be crazy.


Run to checkpoints when you can. Take your time and be strategic.

For knights, try to get a scattershot.

I found that if you can destroy their little floaty-things and get in close enough, 3-4 hits can put them down.

Just finished it. My advice is the same for every halo on legendary: Do as much as you can from as far as you can.

I beat it mainly using a light rifle and a scattershot as a secondary. The light rifle is incredibly effecient against the watchers and the elites, tho it does take a few shots you can do it from a safe distance. For the knights, what i tend to do is shoot them a few times with the LR to annoy them and have them rush me, once they rush me just sidestep and unload with the scattershot. A railgun against the knights take out their shields as well. Legendary solo took me a good 12+ hours to complete but its worth it.