Halo 4 Legendary Solo Not Unlocking

A couple of days ago I finished Halo 4 Solo on Legendary and none of my achievements for beating the campaign popped. I looked into the tracking and it says that I’m only on 87% but in game it marks me down as all tracked solo on legendary for each level. On Waypoint it says that I beat the levels on co-op legendary which is not possible since I played them all solo. Does anyone know what is up with this? Is this a common issue right now? Thanks for all the help!

I got the same problem as well, just finished legendary solo, on achievement for lone wolf its at 75%. never did co-op, on each individual mission legendary icon appears. hopefully someone from 343 helps us out with this issue, the 117 legendary did appear though

It’s called laziness and incompetency. I’ve had the same issues and I don’t feel like going back to do it all again for one achievement. Not because it’s hard but because Halo 4 on legendary is just really annoying.