Halo 4 Legendary Run (have 2, maybe 3)

We have 2 people, maybe another one. If anyone wants to join message me or just join my game. Mic isn’t required

can i join hav u done it i beat the first but i like playing it gt MeteorStorm22

i beat the first level but like playing it

still need people I can help out.

yeah need 1 more person ive done it so far with 2 other people we already started and need the 2 last missions

I’m down. Have a headset and mic and usually on between 8pm-10pm est.

Usually I am available weeknights 5-11 pm eastern. and weekends almost all afternoon and night.

I will be free all week, with mic from GMT 0 (Norwich, England) 1pm-6ishpm after then I can’t use my mic. I have already completed the campaign on solo legendary but since it wasn’t online I didn’t get the armour for it.