Halo 4 Legendary Ending **HUGE SPOILERS**

so for those who havent finished the game on legendary (I believe it has to be on solo too) theres only a second or so difference.
It will make you feel happier if you beat the game to do this!
(Its below in a few spoilers :))

Are You Sure You want to?!?

I’m just glad they waited to start showing his face until now, cuz he looks freakin real.

Funny, I did the same thing, went through Heroic last week and Legendary this week just because I wanted to see the differences if any and appreciate the difference in the ending. Which was cool they did something different, but c’mon! 1 second!

I want dialogue! I want “Wake me when you need me”

I want more on Cortana and what she’s doing.

Oh well. Another 18 months to 3 years I guess.