Halo 4 Legendary campaign issues

I have completed the campaign in halo 4 on legendary, even got the achievement on Xbox for it and in halo 4 it says campaign legendary complete. However, I have not received the Masterchief Armour and in commendations it shows that I have APPARENTLY not completed three of the missions on legendary… It took me a while to complete it so PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Did you do the beginning cutscene? it’s just before you wake up in the cryo tube.

Yes I did every mission, got the xbox achievments but in commendations it says I havent completed 3 of the missions: like the mammoth one, composer and another

The armour is not linked to mission completion or achievements, but to the commendations. If you don’t have all the commendations, then the armour will not unlock. I’m afraid the only way to do this is to complete the missions again to make the commendations register. Also make sure that you are connected to XBL at all times while playing, since commendations only register if you have played while connected to XBL. If you disconnect for any reason at any time while playing, it voids the current commendation and you have to start the mission again.

Thanks, I was hoping that wasn’t the problem… Oh well. :frowning: