Halo 4 Legend Commendation

When I completed the campaign on legendary (You can check my account for the acheivement) I did it offline which until after completing it i did not realise it meant i didn’t complete the Infinity challenge Legend (complete every campaign mission on legendary). I was just wondering if a moderator could manually unlock the rewards on my account as I really don’t have the energy to do it again, thanks.

Sorry OP, this needs to be completed while connected to Xbox Live I’m afraid. As Halo 4 has been out for a few years now though there are some great tutorials to help your get through the game a bit quicker - for a great Legendary guide have a look at MythicTyrant on YouTube or if you fancy a little speed running look for NakedEli’s tutorials. There are some great skips for levels to bypass a lot of areas :slight_smile:

Damn, ok. I better get to it then.