Halo 4 Leaderboards

I find leader boards to be very changing in all games whether it’s a casual or competitive everybody aims to be at the top of the leader board. I would like to see two different variants of this one for firefight and another for multiplayer. You could also sort as to friends list and worldly. there could also be other ways you could base the leader board on; such as kills,game mode, KD, deaths, and so forth. And if they have a clan system i would like to see which clan is better than others.

Why this would be a good idea?
Well through most shooters you try to be better than everybody else. That’s the key goal to get as many kills possible and not die as much. Later on you feel like you need that extra challenge so you see your friends high scores and you stay up all weekend demolishing their score!

Why would this be a bad thing?
Well their is a such way to boost in every game and that breaks game and makes the game uneven cause your kills some how went from 1 to 999,999,999 in under two hours of game time.

I find leader boards to be very challenge and play a big part on game time and social interactions with friends and other people.

There must be two types of leaderboards for every playlist: K/D and W/L. People with too high K / D or W / N will be banned. Of course people who haven’t played over 1,000 games in a special playlist can not be included in this leaderboard.

Leaderbords - Team Slayer
50 [NAME] 4,93 - Banned much?
50 [NAME] 2,37
50 [NAME] 2,20
50 [NAME] 2,19
50 [NAME] 2,18
50 [NAME] 2,10
49 [NAME] 2,10
49 [NAME] 2,08
49 [NAME] 1,98

I never ever in my life seen a person with a K/D over 2.50 and is a highest skill 50 legit.

50 [NAME] 14,23 - Banned much?
50 [NAME] 8,20
50 [NAME] 6,99
50 [NAME] 5,99
50 [NAME] 5,90
49 [NAME] 4,10
49 [NAME] 4,08
49 [NAME] 4,08

I have never ever in my life seen a person with W/N over 10 (Legit).

I think leader boards ruin games, that’s my opinion

guy above me, K/D


Win ratio



Of course he has, but has he played over a thousand games in ranked? When he starts to play more ranked the K/D will go much down. You will not be placed into the spesific leaderboards before you have played at least 200 games in the playlist.

I have a 50 now with 1.86 KD and about 60 games played on my 50. And TS is almost everything i play expect for MLG. I have played about 15 matches in Team Doubles. Im sure my K/D only will go up though.



yeah that dudes right like its so mest up


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