Halo 4 LE missing parts

Hello, I was unable to find a “faulty product” thread but I’m posting this because I received the Halo 4 LE and found that the mission briefing pack as a miss-print on it. When I opened the silver slip it comes in the outside has the cool UNSC backdrop and the “attention to Gabriel Throne… etc.” The problem is when this piece of paper is opened I believe there is supposed to be text describing the briefing. On my however it is simply blank.

I contacted Microsoft/xboxlive support and they redirected me to the 343industries and Halo Waypoint.

My hope is that a moderator from 343 sees this and will contact me regarding my issue.

There is also another fellow in the 343industries forums with the gamertag PowerPenguin866 that has a similar problem regarding the blue print schematics I believe. I have directed him to the Halo Waypoint forums as well.

There wasn’t anything good on it anyway. Good luck hopefully someone can help.