Halo 4 LASO right now!

I really want to do LASO right now. I want that 50,000 exp and emblem soooo bad. Add me so we can do it. GT: Robbiii3

I don’t think you have any idea just how long that’s going to take.

Well yes I know it’s going to take a while but I’m willing to do it.

Good luck.

Have fun with Infinity and Midnight…

So I’m guessing nobody is willing to help…

> So I’m guessing nobody is willing to help…

It’s really not as simple as just picking up someone and then breezing through the campaign. Try talking to any friends you have that play the game because I think I’d go -Yoink- if I was with a random that kept -Yoinking!- up.

Good luck! It was taking me over an hour and a half to do a single LASO mission solo and I stopped in frustration. Although I have heard there are Youtube videos that can help. I personally can’t take any more of the agony of getting through a mission lol. Sorry! I’m sure you will find someone though.