Halo 4 LASO playlist won’t continue

I’m on the mission infinity on the halo 4 LASO playlist. When I press resume it will barely load and make me leave the game and return me to the main menu entirely. I’ve tried restarting the game, my Xbox, and trying to start a different halo 4 playlist. But when I try to resume that different playlist now the same thing happens.

No Halo 4 playlists can be resumed unless restarting. This is with checkpoints before and after season six update.

Having a similar issue, was playing H4 Heroic playlist and stopped at Composer before update. Since update dropped can’t resume the playlist, shows the mission splash screen for a second then goes back to main menu.
EDIT: After a few retries it finally loaded the mission, so not sure what was causing the issue. Don’t know if makes any difference but I was clicking continually while it was loading xD.