Halo 4 LASO glitch

Hi I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem.
So I completed Halo 4 LASO the playlist even says 10/10 missions completed, but I didn’t get the achievement to pop? This was the first halo 4 playlist I did and i also didn’t get the “complete a halo 4 playlist achievement”.

My main worry is that since, I have completed 2 more playlists and I got the achievement for completing 3 halo 4 playlists. But still no LASO achievement :frowning:

Has anyone had the same problem or does anyone know what could have happened?

Ok i have checked by going on to the achievement app and now it says i have them and in the correct order thank goodness.

The achievement didn’t pop which is odd though

Achievements on the X1 can be weird sometimes and it takes a long time for it to pop - just the other day I had an Assassin’s creed one pop 2 days later. That being said, MCC does have its own achievement problems, there is a thread about it in the main MCC forums. Xbox live was also experiencing problems last night

Hi! Did you finally get your achievement?
i beat halo 2 laso campaign and I didn’t get the achievement