Halo 4 lag?

First of all my internet connection is good and my ping is good.

For the last few days i have been unloading clips from my gun into the enemy and they end up killing me in half the time and in like LITERALLY 2-3 DMR shots or with there gun.

Like one time i put a WHOLE clip of a needler into the enemy and he just turns around and kills me

It feels like im Dying soo easy and it takes soo much bullets to kill the enemy.
Even when i do kill the enemy i usually have to use like upwards to 3/4 of the clip from my BR and AR

Is it me or is Halo 4 been laggy AF?

This is my first Halo but when i played Halo 4 the first week i had like a 1.3 K/d ratio(not saying that is good), now i am struggling to be positive. Im about to stop caring about k/d but im afraid people will think im a bad player.

Please no hate i really think this game is good and fun but this lag is killing me.

My internet connection is really good and I always never lag in war games but whenever I play spartan ops matchmaking it is unbelievable laggy. To the point where it’s just not playable.