Halo 4 Lag Issues & Other Complaints

Alright, this is not a post designed to bash on anything, but these are issues that need to be addressed and fixed ASAP.

First, the people who have really crappy connections:

These people are ruining the games for other players. When these crap-connection players are host in the game, their terrible shots seem to register while my seemingly standard head-shots don’t register nearly as well. This doesn’t happen every game, but it happens enough that it’s a burden.

I have a friend who runs off a wireless hot-spot and I have played him 1v1 to see if his connection effects our games; it does! It effects the game dramatically & it makes things very laggy & hard to play. Granted, this is not 343 Studios problem, it’s more of an Xbox Live problem most likely, but still…343 should be issuing suspensions/bans for people playing with CRAPPY connections. Give them a week ban & time to get a proper connection. If they don’t get the proper connection, do NOT let them play Halo 4, it’s that simple.

Or…make it so the very best connection is ALWAYS host, not just sometimes. This stuff really pisses me off. I pay $59.99 a year for Xbox Live so I can play Halo pretty much, and I paid the full price for the game, yet I get setup in these CRAPPY connection matches all the time.

How about 343 connects the players with a solid broadband/DSL connection with each other, and anyone running their CRAPPY hot-spot wireless connections can be put all into the same game(s). Stop letting the CRAPPY connection players effect the game for the rest of us, it’s just not fair.

Also - STOP putting me in games where it’s halfway through the game & my team is down like 20 kills. I do not want to play in these games, so I’m not sure why you guys keep placing me in them. Give me settings so I don’t get paired up on these donkey teams halfway through the game. It’s super annoying, limited, senseless, inconsiderate & flat out dumb! I would imagine that 99.9% of the Halo 4 community would agree with this.

To sum things up - please stop players from being able to play with CRAPPY hot-spot connections. If someone doesn’t pay for internet, they shouldn’t be able to connect to Halo 4. Sorry if that seems rude, but a lot of you CRAPPY connection players are genuinely ruining this game & it’s going to start pushing a lot of people away. Just saying…