Halo 4, Kinect, and Forge

Halo 4’s Forge/Map editor could completely change the way we forge with the use of Kinect. Kinect brings us many opportunities using the motion, voice and camera features.

Imagine taking blocks and using your hands to move the blocks around to create the most acurate possible construction of objects. While using a controller to navigate around the map, you could use Kinect to pull, spin, and twist objects to immense accuracy.

Another idea is voice commands. Using voice commands to switch between objects could make forging a much faster process.

A third idea would be to use the camera that Kinect has. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWHgO3vXFhM This video shows “Kinect Build a Buddy” (0:31), which allows Kinect to scan an item and turn it into a living model. Well what if Halo 4 were to take an inanimate object and turn it into a possible forging structure? For instance, construct a lego model, scan it in Kinect, and save it to Halo 4. Now you could forge using Lego’s. This feature is by far the most controversial and could be abused. But it has the potential to completely change the way we forge.

this is a perfect example of how kinect can actually be used in hardcore experiences. if you don’t have kinect then you can use a controller as normal. But with kinect you can simply name the object you want to use and it will instantly switch. no more fumbling through menus. You can just use your voice. And using your hands is a lot more accurate than using your thumbs.

And this isn’t just a gimmick, this is something i would use every time I forge! the only thing i don’t really want is the scanning feature. It would kinda lose the creativity that Forge brings. and it wouldn’t be that useful if you think about it.

Kinect integration in halo 4 Forge gets my full support. I hope it happens.

That is what kinect is all about!

I disagree on that idea, kinnect forge would be to hard. Having to move everything in the right place with your body. Lining things up would be impossible! If it does happen, people without kinnect wouldn’t be able to forge. Sorry but I disagree.