Halo 4 Killcams: Balancing Suggestions

I know Halo 4 is having killcams, so I wanted to make a thread where we can discuss them. My idea for balancing killcams is to have a respawn delay after watching a killcam, and if you choose not to watch a killcam, you can respawn immediately. Post your suggestions below, please!

Mostly every time you die your camera turns to the direction or directly at the person who just killed you. It isn’t as specific as a killcam but they both work the same and I don’t see the point in complaining over it.

Yes, but killcams allow you to see the HUD. Maybe they could remove that lol.

What if the kill cam lasted 5 seconds (the regular halo respawn time). You can watch it and respawn the regular time, or you could skip it. Skipping it would show you the regular genuine halo “killcam” until the 5 seconds is up. Repeat.

Ugh another one of these threads? Again, KILLCAMS HAVE NOT BEEN CONFIRMED TO BE IN HALO 4. This is just a rumor floating around due to the leaked video of an old build of the game. Yet it’s funny, because in that video there was never any clear evidence of a killcam.

Contrarily, a video released last week (I believe) showed us that the classic team mate camera is still being used in Halo 4.

So please tell me again when 343i confirmed killcams.


For the sake of argument let’s assume there are kill cams in Halo 4 (although 343 has not confirmed them). A kill cam gives you less information than the normal Halo death screen. When I die the camera points in the direction of who killed me and during the 5 second respawn delay I can flip through the entire map and locate the entire opposing team and can find out what weapons each of them has.

I would love kill cams because it gets rid of this advantage when you die, promotes more set-ups and of course when you get a dirty no scope on somebody they have to watch it.