Halo 4 kill time solution

My take on the kill times for halo 4 is instead of 343i saying it takes x amount of shots to kill they should base it on a time based system. For example let’s say the BR takes 2.5ish seconds to kill someone, why not base all of the kill times for each precision weapon around 2.5 seconds? Reason is, the DMR shoots a lot faster than the BR due to the BR being a burst fire weapon, and because of that people will naturally gravitate to the faster killing weapon. But with this system it will allow players who enjoy the nostalgic effect of the BR to use the BR without fearing that someone will more than likely outgun them with a DMR. Just my 0.02$ on kill times. What do you guys think?

So… take the uniqueness of every weapon and just make preference based on aesthetics?
In other words a useless sandbox


P.S 2.5s is way too long for a killtime, that’s worse than Reach

That number was just for an example and 2.5 was the first number that came to my head

Um… what?

I don’t understand this obsession with kill times. The kill time of a weapon is not the only factor when it comes to whether a weapon is balanced. If it was then a sniper would win 100% of the time.