This is the response to Christian values in Halo.
You will find all the others in the website.

Also, check out the win Bungie responses!!

Maybe 343 should cut down on some of these ties with the Bible, just to prevent idiots from making such articles.

Then again, these little references have a lot of meaning in the game and will in Halo 4, no doubt.
I feel they add to the significance of the game in a positive way, coming from a non-Christian.

What do you guys think? Should Halo 4 have similar jargon?

Reading is hard.
And the title made my stomach hurt.

seems like a satirical site to me.

this has to be from the Onion or something this is just idiotic
If the writer of this article knew that halo takes places 500 plus years in the future and is an epic Space Science fiction story,The article would make more sense but would be equally as ridiculous if it talked about Call Of Duty

It’s a joke site!

Lol it says in the 'you may also like section" it says Star wars old Republic is breeding -Yoink!-…Loll that funny…and it says bf3 show kids real american patriotism…LOL OKAY someone has a favorite game


I lolled, @Above.

> seems like a satirical site to me.

It is.

The structures in Halo are fascist? xD

Machinama is -Yoink!-? Also that first article directly insulted Marty, calling his music heavy metal slasher rock.

They make me think of the Christian Puritans from the Silent Hill film, haha.

This site is simply a troll site. They did a review for Portal 2 a while back that absolutely NO ONE is stupid enough to actually think or believe. They just try to come up with the dumbest things possible.

omg wow lol

I found this site when Reach came out that said Reach was secretly implying communism. It said that only communists use wind power. Trolls these days really need to try harder.

They are all crazy over zealous religous fanatics who had deep heavy religion crammed down thier throats. This is why i hate some religions because their worshipers are to extreme and they spew propaganda also the first article says that the music for halo is heavy metal wtf! Halo’s music is at most calming and epic and very passive. The writer may have bought reach and got crapped on by a few people.

Wow almost every word in that article is written by a crazy old man and nothing in that is true and it also gives religous people like me look like total idiots and conspiracy therorists but I know no one who is religous and says lies like this

Folks, this thread has been locked because while they may have good intentions, these forums are not the place for such topics. Thanks for your time!

-Das Kalk