Halo 4, I've War Games Map Pass installed but game says I don't have DLC maps (Crimson, etc.)

Just as the title say, I’m trying to knock off some of the DLC achievements, I got the game with the GOTY edition which included the War Games Map pass which is said to include preivous DLCS (crimson, etc.) but when trying to actually matchmake I’m told I don’t have those DLC maps, how do I fix this issue?

Silly question, but it’s best to cover all areas: do you actually have the DLC installed? Have you gone to your Xbox’s harddrive and checked?

Downloading the multiplayer DLC is able to solve this problem.

My issue was on Xbox One, yes I owned the DLC and had downloaded (from games and complements) the DLCs

No, Downloading the “multiplayer DLC” is not able to solve the problem as that was the problem itself, DLC was downloaded but game wouldn’t read it.

Steps to fix delete all DLC content on Xbox One console, next boot up Xbox 360 console (as crazy as it is, it works), download all Halo 4 DLC on 360 (yes, it’s extremely crazy), it may alert you that you have already downloaded it, select download again, await for it to finish, once you are done, you can go back to Xbox one, go to “addons for this game” and download everything.

When you launch the title on Xbox One, open Xbox Marketplace from in-game menu. It will prompt to install free multiplayer pack- do that. Then you can browse other DLC and get other free content such as War Games.

Sorry but the issue is that Xbox One (or series for that Matter) uses a VM, trying to install from marketplace within the console it will tell you that you can’t do that and use instead games and addons from Xbox One menu, but the menu shows it as existing, so it’s a repeating cycle.

Solution was provided by myself on a previous post (managed to fix it that way).