Halo 4 - issues

warning all written by me in this post is my personal issue’s i do not speak for anyone else.

Firstly Spartan Ops.

Happily managed to go through episode 3 first time with no issues. But going through matchmaking on the other hand produced some interesting but not really threatening bugs/ Glitch’s.

Galileo - Dropships phasing through the center complex, i was using it as cover. all of a sudden a dropship phases through the wall and floor killing me.

Galileo onwards - miniature covenant or phased through the ground with the weapon above ground and body hidden out of the map. Although its highly hilarious it is an issue if your on a harder difficulty. you hear an elite coming from somewhere next second he melee kills you, adding alot of confusion to the situation.

Shootout in Valhalla - Banshee’s they always go for the host first. Fine i can bear it, avoiding missiles and getting stuck against a wall or structure. this kinda kills the vibe for me alot, being swarmed by banshee’s to then find the last one stuck on a rock

Now that my rant is complete on Spartan ops it should help a few unlucky players who are unable to complete missions. Moving onto Matchmaking:

Adrift - Phasing into walls, not a fair strategy to be honest, exploiting it to survive in flood or hiding in regicide. Its unnecessary and if players are going to continue abusing these ‘‘dead zones’’ they should be penalized or the maps should go through a screening for these zones and patched. Also ive been experiencing issues with the grav lifts. Going over them at walking pace is fine, but sprinting or jumping at them and i land on the edge, the other side and then fall of without a chance to recover. Experimentation will be required to source this issue

DMR V BR - this will be a ongoing discussion throughout the life of Halo 4. The DMR is supremely accurate but it’s disadvantage is the slow firing in comparison. The BR fires reasonably fast but with the three round burst makes it inaccurate at times. Now I’ve seen threads of this oblivious issue and they are asking for the DMR to be nurfed or the BR to be buffed. But in this instance i think the BR needs to be more accurate and the DMR firing should be slightly faster.

Complex - Glad to see the patch has successfully deterred people from its dead zone. This is a little selfish here but i dislike complex map in General, some area’s are nicely done, buildings and main staging area for example, but the open area’s are easily watched over from people crouching on roof’s. This can make spawn camping possible. E.G - killed in fair fight, respawn at the [Blue flag spawn side] and as soon as i’ve spawned in, already being DMR spammed from across the map. Now i suggest you add additional cover, or change the spawn area’s in the open area’s to placements there not going to get shot at for a couple of seconds.