Halo 4 Issues I Have Seen

LOLZ, I don’t have Halo 4 yet. But I have seen lots of gameplay, and one thing strikes me in the head: the DMR. It is beast, in fact it seems too beast, at least comapred to the BR. The BR has to land 5 shots to kill but the DMR only requires 4. And the ranges are an issue. Of course the DMR is supposed to be better at longer ranges, but not at close range. The Br is supposed to be a tad better being close. But it isn’t. The DMR should be a five shot just like the BR, so it can be balanced.
Let’s say there are two players, BR player and DMR player. If those players were to not miss any shots and aim for the head, the DMR would win. I thought Halo is about balanced matchmaking but the DMR seems like a game-wrecker.
I loved the DMR in Reach. It was potent, yet it was balanced. It had a little bloom after shots. DMR in Halo 4 doesn’t. It was a five-shot. DMR in Halo 4 is a four-shot.
I’ll still probaably use the DMR in Halo 4 because I naturally prefer it over BR, but still, I want the enemy to not feel as if I am a “DMR n00b”. So please change the DMR so it is a five-shot.
Gun Despawning
The guns that enemies drop when you kill them (AI or human player) despawn WAY too quckly, it seems. It makes killing less beneficial, especially when the enemy is carrying a power weapon, for example, the Spartan Laser. PLEASE fix this.
XP limit
This limit is far too small. For pros who play the game every day several hours a day, they can easily hit it. IDK if 343 plans to lift it higher a little later, to prevent new players from being at a disadvantage from people who got the game sooner than them, but otherwise it is ridiculous. Fix it.
FFA Throwback Playlist
IDK what’s the problem with it but many are complaining. I know they wanted Team Snipers; why wasn’t that implemented? Was it a lie? Or was it an issue?
Having SWAT rotational
SWAT hasn’t been removed yet but obviously people hate it being “rotational”, which means that after a couple of weeks, it will switch to another kind of playlist.
As we all know SWAT is probably the third most popular playlist in Halo. WHY on Requiem would 343 make it rotational. A lot of people only like to play SWAT in War Games, so IDK why it is rotational. 343, please take the time to listen to the community!

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