Halo 4 isn't the best it can be.

I am ,without a doubt, a halo Fanboy. I love everything about this franchise. I’ve read all of the books and played all of the games. Halo 4 is a good game! However, I feel like 343i has taken Halo and piled on all of the stuff that other FPS’s through in their games. All in an attempt to bring it into the 21st century. Which really doesn’t need to happen any ways.

I really wouldn’t mind it if they actually changed the ‘new things’ to make it more Halo-like. But, much of what they put in just brings the game down because it doesn’t fit into the universe.

For Example:

Perks: Call them what you want, they are perks. Some of them are actually completely copied from Call of Duty. Firepower, Mobility, Dexterity, and even Awareness (in a way) are all copies. Not only that, 343i has taken some of the core elements of Halo and completely thrown them out the window. Unless you have the “shielding” perk, your shields are completely worthless. Unless you have the “Explosives” perk, your grenades don’t do anything! These are all seemingly small changes but they really destroy the gameplay.

Ordnance Drops: I’m not going to say they are taken from CoD because the ones you get in CoD just turn an already good player, into an army. However, the amount of power weapons on the map at any given moment in un-friggin-believable! Your skill no longer matters when the other team has an incineration cannon(which by the way, did you know you don’t even have to hit someone with it?? Just as long as you get close you have an instant kill!!), a binary rifle (another instant kill!!), a saw, and a sticky detonator. There is no control any more, I wish they would’ve stayed with the random drops instead of just giving everyone the opportunity to be absolutely annoying.

Instant Respawns: For the love of god… You don’t get a break in the game! The guy you JUST killed a millisecond ago is now finishing what he started because not only are your shields worthless, you have no cover… ever. I know 343i is just trying to speed up the gameplay but faster doesn’t always mean good. I almost think they’ve taken away the competitive edge that halo once had because of this small change.

Now, I do like the game, it’s definitely a huge step up from Reach, but I don’t LOVE it. I will never have the same great times that I had on H3. Not just because of what I listed above but also because of the terrible maps!

– For regular slayer, I like Haven, Solace (some times) and Abandon (Barely).
---- Complex and Adrift are absolute sh*t and I don’t even know how they pass for multiplayer maps. I’d rather play Snowbound! (Which in my eyes was absolutely atrocious)

– For big team: I like Longbow, Ragnarok(of course), and vortex.
(But even then, I hate Big Team in Halo 4)
---- Exile is… no. Meltdown is terrible.

I hate about half of the maps. I’ve never hated that many maps in a halo game. Ever.

I hated most of the community maps in Reach but I’m begging for them in Halo 4 just so I can get away from all of the trash that 343i has thrown into our lap.

I guess my main concern for everything (gameplay, maps, etc.) is, There is no sense of control any more, there’s no choke points, no high ground to hold. Even in the maps that have that it’s impossible to hold because of the instant respawns and the terrible shields! All the other team has to do is keep throwing themselves you at you and eventually it’s every man for himself!

My other concern is the lack of motivation. Why do I need to win games?? For the extra 350 exp?? Wow! As if that makes a difference at all. This game is about personal gain and has taken away the need for victories.I know they’re trying to release TruSkill so this doesn’t really bother me as much but it’s still worth bringing up.

There’s more I can say but I’m tired of typing so…
What do you guys think? I am I right? Give me some feed back.

(But be nice please)

dont put adrift and complex at the same level, at least on adrift the game ends before the time runs out.

except for that I agree.

I’ve never enjoyed myself on either map. I’ve never had a problem with time running out on halo 4 either.