halo 4 is the worst in the series

what do you think?

astute observation young man I commend you

opinion ≠ fact.

Personally I think Reach is probably on the same level as 4 in terms of sucking

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I think your the worst person in your family line.

Put IMO in the title

I wouldn’t say it’s the worst, sure it has balancing issues and other flaw’s but most of them could be easily fixed. the only bad unfixable thing’s are some of the maps like Abandon, Complex etc.

Halo 4 is… Interesting.
It’s best described as a diamond covered in crap. I think that, once you remove all the BS elements, this is by far the best Halo in the series. However, in it’s current state I won’t doubt that it’s the worst.

It’s clear that 343i wanted to turn Halo into something it isn’t (they wanted to make it their Halo). They had good intentions, but they their execution was off; taking tips from Infinity Ward (seriously, wtf was going through their minds?) was a bad choice.

Halo 4 is definitely salvageable, and I’m hopeful that they can patch it up.
To answer your question, I won’t call it the absolute worst for the time being, if only for the potential it has.

Compared to Reach, Halo 4 can actually be fun, and the maps are a blessing.

or maybe OP your just -Yoink- at halo?

It has its flaws and problems, but no game is perfect.

But even with those flaws, I still thoroughly enjoy playing the game! The game, to me, is fresh and exciting! The maps are beautiful, the new weapons are fun to use, and I’ve had some great moments in Spartan Ops with my friends!

I think halo 4 is cool. I would of said halo reach was the worst but that’s just me.

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> or maybe OP your just Yoink! at halo?


Win Rate:

nope, the worst remains as reach.
halo 4 is second best, right after halo 2.

Love it.

> nope, the worst remains as reach.
> halo 4 is third best, right after CE and halo 2.
> Love it.


OP obviously hasn’t played Halo: Reach.

Storyline has holes in it for a reason. Its the first game why would they make a new trilogy and have the first game give away all the answers?

The multiplayer needs work but it is fixable. Sorry to say 343 you did screw up by taking away some gametypes that we have loved for years. I really would love to know why we dont have 1 flag or assualt anymore.

Just give 343 time, You actually think Halo 2 was perfect when it came out or even halo 3? Both had their issues and were fixed within a few months. It takes time for them to fix the bugs.

I’ll admit Halo 4 is more noob friendly then most halo games which isnt a problem but when they dont separate the try-hards from the casual players people get upset.

My one suggestion to 343 is make a ranked and social playlist that way the newer people can actually play the game with people at their level. The ranked would be for the try-hards.

343 you made a great game but it needs a lot of work to make it a great Halo game.

H4 is definitely not the worst. It has its flaws, but I still think its an outstanding game.

P.S “worst in the series” title belongs to ODST. Just sayin’.

I wouldn’t say it’s the worst, not even close. I think it has the best Campaign and as for MP it’s number two, close to being number one, for me.

> or maybe OP your just Yoink! at halo?

OP is just mad they took out armor lock and bloom so now he gets destroyed

AL nope i liked jetpack