Halo 4 is the most beautiful halo game ever

Now after having played big team battle in halo 5 i and seeing all the maps in mulitplayer so far i can honestly say that halo 4 is 343’s crown jewel in terms of graphics. Seriously if you guys have the MCC go back and look at the big team battle maps for halo 4(exile, longbow, etc) they look absolutely stunning and wellfully made and feels and looks more next gen and like a next gen halo more than halo 5. I dnt know where things drop off in graphics with halo 5 but this gives me hope that 343 can return graphics back to how it was in halo 4 because these forge maps are just not doing it for me. Forge maps was the sole reason i did not like halo reach. I like fully detailed maps. But with 343 in charge and free dlc coming and their graphicical achievement with halo 4 i hope and know they can make gorgeous maps like they have done in halo 4 and stop making these lazy forge developed maps which i think should not even be in part of map rotation. So do you guys agree is halo 4 the crown jewel of the series in terms of graphics? p.s HAVE TO HAVE PLAYED AND SAW EVERY H4 MAP IN MCC TO ANSWER. NOT 360

The real BTB maps will be coming sometime next year. (Don’t quote me on that, I don’t have a source)

I’ve seen more interesting maps fall out of a Boggle box but free is free, I suppose. I do however agree that Halo 4 was a far better multiplayer experience when it comes to maps. They didn’t do too bad a job with Warzone but it’s not the same or at least what many of us expected.

What it all boils down to is that they have our money. Now we see what they do with it. Do they laugh their way to the bank or use it to further Halo 5 content?

If we see a major Halo 6 announcement within a year I’ll be flustered.

Though I’m not a big fan of the game’s visual style (too many bright colors for me) I will admit has probably the best graphics of the series, not counting Halo 2 anniversary, of course.

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> The real BTB maps will be coming sometime next year. (Don’t quote me on that, I don’t have a source)

yea im still enjoying btb and after plyin it some more i strt caring less how it looks but i doo hope they bring tht same visuals from h4 in those new maps and little to no forge. i also hope they bring back a lot of other things from halo 4 like loadouts in its own mode while keeping halo 5 gameplay i for one think halo 4 is a very good and underated game and loadouts aside(i can understand why longtime fans dnt like it) i thought it was very innovating for the series and the bump to 60fps on xb1 makes it even better. Just my opinion. Guys lets hope for a halo 3 guardian remake.

I haven’t played Halo 5 just yet but still, Halo 4’s my favorite game of all time.

ya these BTB maps are not as good as past halos BTB games

nope go to halo 2 anniversary remmant , is the best map in terms of graphics (graphics, no aesthethics ) in all the series