Halo 4 is looking great! Only a month away!

Campaign - Looks amazing! I’m excited to fight against the prometheans, meet the Didact, and experience the awesome continuation of the Halo storyline! Levels from what we’ve seen look very well rounded and fun. I’m excited to play this campaign, I’ll try to tackle it Solo Legendary, word is it’s harder this time around, hopefully I can do it!

Forge - What I’ve seen from forge is already an imense improvement on what Forge World for Reach. And that’s saying something, it’ll be truely amazing!

Spartan Ops - I haven’t seen to much of this but from what I’ve seen it’s looking pretty good. Seeing how the first season is already made I really wish it were on disc because I don’t have lots of hard drive space free, but I guess I’ll have to deal with it.

Multiplayer (War Games) - All the maps we’ve seen so far look great! I was worried about the maps for a while but man do these maps look good! I’m specially excited for playing on Ragnarok! Valhalla was among my favorite Halo maps. I was also a little worried about the loadouts and packages but honestly I think 343 handled all of that brilliantly, brilliantly on making it be like Halo. Those specializations won’t affect gameplay a ton, it’s more about preference so I like it a lot! So far my one and only complaint about War Games is the inclusion of kill cams. I just plain don’t like them. I’d be okay with them in objective only, I just don’t think they are a good thing for slayer! So that’s my only complaint.

And we are only one month from Halo 4! Are you guys pumped or what? Forward Unto Dawn premeired not too long ago, it was AMAZING! Definately something to check out while you waiting for Halo 4. I beleive there will be a new episode every week. So quick question what’s the first thing you’ll do when you get Halo 4? I myself will be starting a campaign playthrough on Heroic!!! Though unfortunately I might not be able to get Halo 4 on the first day, I’ll still try to get it as soon as possible.

What are you most excited for? Anything you don’t like?

Only thing i dont like is the FUD movie thing, it looks extremely cheap, especially lasky and friends armour, it looks like a party dress up costume!

OP… I just learned today that those who have gripes with the game detest threads like this… :=)

> Only thing i dont like is the FUD movie thing, it looks extremely cheap, especially lasky and friends armour, it looks like a party dress up costume!

It is leaning on the cheesy side but I’m cool with that… The main thing is that the game does not look cheesy…

Less than a month away! :'D

wooo, the lines are gonna be loonnggggg when i collect it from eb games :smiley:

Like you OP, I cannot wait for Halo 4…

Even Einstein wasn’t smart enough to invent the cyrotube. We need it because it’s hard to wait!

It almost here!!!

I just hope that Amazon (UK) deliver it to me on the Tuesday. :slight_smile:

I always used Game before, but after the whole ME3 thing, I was reluctant.
Also, when I got Legendary Reach, it was too big for post and so it had to be delivered by Parcel Force, which didn’t find me until about 3pm :(, while the regular postman delivered reglar Reach to my friend next door at 9am.

So hopefully it arrives on time :slight_smile: